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When you are developing your DSO it is imperative you are aligned with an advisor who matches your vision, interests, and long-term goals. This type of pairing will produce results in excellent culture, management, and ultimately profitability for your organization. With more than three decades of dental practice management, ownership, and consulting, Danya Montoya has likely faced and overcome every imaginable obstacle of a dental business owner. DSO Success Consulting believes there are clinical areas that cannot be coached by non-dental consultants. It’s imperative that your supporting advisors truly understand all areas of your practices.

The first step is to start with a comprehensive discovery evaluation and learn where your opportunities are and how DSO Success Consulting can support your evolving DSO.

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The 5 Components of a Highly Profitable Dental Service Organization

Dental businesses are complex. It’s no secret that achieving team harmony, providing quality dentistry, while growing a patient base requires leaders to wear multiple hats. We’ve identified 5 areas of focus for any successful DSO.


Team Leadership - Each Team Member is a Leader

As a part of our comprehensive discovery evaluation, we’ll outline the strengths and areas of opportunity for your current team. Starting with executive management coaching will allow your entire organization to flourish. Empowered leaders with proven systems can more quickly create a culture consistent with growth and positive changes in your organization.

We may also provide processes for recruitment that will result in the quickest acquisition of top talent. We’ve found by systematizing the recruitment process, your retention and profitability will improve. Most importantly, the culture of your organization will lead to a better employee and patient experience, ultimately lending to accelerating your success.


Practice Acquisition Strategy

As a growing DSO, your ability to assess viable investment opportunities is paramount in your growth potential. Allow our team to assist you in defining your ideal practice, and outline a process to strengthen your ability to acquire the right practices at the right time for the right price.


Key Performance Indicator Evaluation and Monitoring

All too often, we find DSOs supporting a practice with out of date clinical systems, stagnate production, delayed collections, and inappropriate overhead. By providing operational and financial key performance indicator evaluations and monitoring, our team can provide you with the snapshots needed to make timely, beneficial decisions. By optimizing your schedule, space, and team, we can increase overall profitability and lower stress levels. Financial monitoring will help determine the most opportunistic time to scale your locations. We will also support your administrative team members in adopting ideal collection and claim processes.


Business Structure and Organizational Planning

Without a clear mission, vision and plan, your team will struggle to get fully invested in their success within your organization. We believe a top down culture, focused on patient care and experience, is the basis of a successful DSO that has team member commitment. Regularly evaluating and strategic planning will allow you to more quickly achieve your goals.


Business, Hygiene & Clinical Team Optimization with Essential Processes

DSO Success Consulting provides a blueprint for implementing the Essential Processes tailored specific to your DSO’s needs. These processes allow for consistent and efficient transition of new practices into the DSO and make training new team members quick and easy. DSO Success Consulting has the experience and expertise necessary to implement and support these Essential Processes that will get your business to the next level of success.

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Danya Montoya

Danya Montoya

Success Stories

Without the guidance and constant support from Danya, I don’t feel that I would be on this particular path this soon in my career.

- Farless Dental Group

Together we took a team who had been practicing dentistry as a group without any changes for 20 years to a new level where change took place on a daily basis.

- Dr. Jennifer Wohlers

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