Associate Doctor Excellence Program

The success of a DSO is led by a strong group of leaders who have focused on communication and efficiency.  Compatibility between associates and senior doctors is key to the success of the individual dental practices.  Understanding personality and core values of associate dentists supports the placement of the right doctor with the right practice and team.  By developing communication and leadership skills, our Associate Doctor Excellence program also provides personalized mentoring. Our excellence program includes focus on the advance of technical skills, case selection, and presentation which is essential to an associate doctor’s happiness and wellbeing and their ongoing commitment to your organization.  

This program identifies the strengths, values, and personality of the associate doctor.

  • Alignment with DSO culture and philosophy
  • Goal planning, treatment planning, case presentation
  • Compatibility with practice
  • Research of best course of action for continuing education and focused personal practice.
  • Marketing and Support training for onboarding of doctor with team/practice

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