Comprehensive Consulting Program

Meant to create, develop, and support the business and clinical systems of your organization, DSO Success offers the gold standard of comprehensive consulting services.  Each DSO or practice is provided with a program that is custom designed based on the needs and vision for your organization. After a Discovery call to determine your desires, Danya will develop a custom consulting package and present her plan that you will execute together to achieve the level of success you envision. DSO Success has developed a blueprint of Essential Processes on the DSO level that can be implemented in every practice ensuring consistency and proficiency. 

 These Essential processes have been created to focus attention on all four levels of the practice: 

  1. Individual team level
  2. Practice level
  3. Management level
  4. Executive level

This direct attention ensures the understanding, integration, and compliance of your entire team even as some of their roles in the office may overlap.  The On-site training, virtual coaching sessions, and access to our online education portal are at the core of this program.  There isn’t a one size fits all program as each DSO is different in location, size, philosophy, and vision. We feel it is our responsibility to understand how you see your organization and our job to guide you to that destination.

Focused Essential Systems Program
Advanced Non-Surgical Periodontal Program

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