Comprehensive Discovery Analysis

Your team is the core which ensures that all of your offices within your DSO are aligned and are working together, incorporating the same essential elements and processes. If there are inconsistencies within your working groups and practices, you will be stuck in the hamster wheel constantly spinning in a human resource circle. Your team will be discouraged, you will become burned out and ultimately your goal of scaling a DSO to meet your vision will end up costing you a lot of money.  Perhaps a worse case scenario will be you have to sell some or all of your locations to someone who has the process figured out and can lead your team. 

A Comprehensive Discovery Evaluation will help determine where you are in the multiple location entity or if you have not expanded, it will help determine if you have the mindset and mental toughness to move into the DSO space or if we need to focus on your single location and leadership first. Together we will discover the goals and needs of your organization or practice.  Evaluating your key performance indicators, business structure processes, and your team will allow us to tailor a program specific to your DSO’s philosophy, culture, and values.

Included for all locations but not limited to:

  • Leadership interviews/questionnaire
  • Office Manager interviews/questionnaires
  • Essential Systems current function evaluation
  • Observation of individual practices
  • KPI evaluation
  • Fee schedule analysis
  • Insurance Plan Analysis
  • Doctor Compatibility evaluation

Above Determines:

  1. Investment to the organization
  2. Recommendation of Consulting Program(Comprehensive, Advanced Focus, etc.)
  3. Detailed Course of Action and Schedule of Consulting Program

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