I have been working with Danya Montoya as my consultant for the past 4 years. She has proven to me that she is very knowledgeable in the field of practice management and has led my team in growth. I have been able to go from owning my own practice to adding an associate doctor to the practice over the summer. Without the guidance and constant support from Danya, I don’t feel that I would be on this particular path this soon in my career.

She has always brought fresh ideas to the practice and has been able to connect with my team in a way that made learning fun and productive. She has the ability to monitor the numbers of the practice so I could focus on the day to day tasks and the dentistry. It is great to have someone that I can lean on and trust when I have questions, doubts, and ideas.

– Farless Dental Group

I worked with Danya Montoya as my trusted Business Advisor for more than 2 years. She is dependable and reliable. Her professional experience guided me through my first practice purchase and transition from being an associate doctor to an owner doctor. Together we took a team who had been practicing dentistry as a group without any changes for 20 years to a new level where change took place on a daily basis. Danya taught me the leadership skills I needed in order to guide a team who thought they can’t to a team who knew they can! Having a team who knew nothing about the business of dentistry to a team who now understands, sets, and crushes goals was a huge part of my partnership with Danya. Over the course of our working relationship, it was clear that she understood how to motivate others, how to guide others, and when to let me know what ultimately some team members are just not a great fit for my team. I am proud of the success tat I have achieved because of the partnership that Danya and I shared.

– Dr. Jennifer Wohlers

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